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crosspeak (not comparable)

  1. across a peak
    • 2015 July 14, Mun Peak Nyon et al., “An integrative approach combining ion mobility mass spectrometry, X-ray crystallography, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study the conformational dynamics of α1-antitrypsin upon ligand binding”, in Protein Science : A Publication of the Protein Society[1], volume 24, DOI:10.1002/pro.2706:
      Spectra were analyzed using our previous assignment of the protein backbone (Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank accession number: 17804) 30 by changes in native crosspeak intensity relative to the data on α 1 -antitrypsin in the absence of TTAI.


crosspeak (plural crosspeaks)

  1. (physics) A correlation between two peaks