crosssection (plural crosssections)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of cross-section
    • 1956. Journal of the American Helicopter Society, page 41.
      Typically, damage initiates at the smaller crosssection end of the truncated cone.
    • 1970. IEEE Electron Devices Society. Reliability Physics, page 136.
      If a circuit is 200 rails in length, and the final crosssection is 100 mils into the circuit, one could rough grind approximately 80 mils to the final...
    • 1986. Aage Bøttger Sørensen, Franz E. Weinert, and Lonnie R. Sherrod. Human Development and the Life Course: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, page 156.
      Equally important, each crosssection slice denotes the age structure of roles in the society
    • 2000. Paul Langacker. Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics, page 87.
      Indeed, the WW crosssection is related to the imaginary part of the WW loop