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cub reporter

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cub reporter (plural cub reporters)

  1. (dated) A young, inexperienced reporter employed by a newspaper or magazine.
    • 1915, P. G. Wodehouse, chapter 2, in Psmith, Journalist:
      The cub-reporter cannot make a name for himself unless he is favoured by fortune.
    • 1967, Carlos Baker, "His Beat Was The World," (review of By-line: Ernest Hemingway, edited by William White), New York Times, 28 May, p. SM49:
      He had begun at 18 as a cub reporter for The Kansas City Star.
    • 2004, James Poniewozik, "Shallow Like a Fox," Time, 20 Jan.:
      Like a cub reporter aspiring to be the next David Brinkley, Seacrest is, in a way, applying for a job that no longer exists.