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cursour (plural cursours)

  1. (Scotland, dialect, obsolete) Courser.
    • 1770, George Bannatyne & ‎Sir David Dalrymple, Ancient Scottish Poems, page 192:
      Now lerges of my Lord Bothwell, The quilk infredome dois excell; He gaif to me a cursour gray, Worth all this sort that I with mell, For lerges of this new-yeir day.
    • 1855, Cosmo Innes, The Black Book of Taymouth:
      In one bloody foray the M'Gregors slew forty of Sir Duncan's brood mares in the Cosche of Glenurchy, and at the same time a blood horse,—“ ane fair cursour sent to him from the Prince out of London.
    • 1870, Alexander Hislop, The Proverbs of Scotland, collected and arranged, with notes:
      A fey man and a cursour fearna the deil.