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cyber- +‎ assault


cyberassault (plural cyberassaults)

  1. An attack carried out by means of a computer network.
    • 2002, Christian Barnes, Eric Ouellet, Neal O'Farrell, Hack proofing your wireless network
      Ping floods as well as new and interesting distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks are still being developed and have been able to disrupt the service of some of the largest Internet service providers around (as was done in the cyberassaults in early 2000 against, eBay, CNN, and
    • 2005, Vince Flynn, Consent to kill
      Kennedy told the man, who she had taken an extreme disliking to, that she had ordered the cyberassault and would continue to bombard his network every day...
    • 2007, George Walter Reynolds, Ethics in information technology
      Why did the NISCC believe that these attacks were different from general computer viruses and other cyberassaults that have been launched in the past?