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cyber- +‎ corporation


cybercorporation (plural cybercorporations)

  1. A corporation based in or around cyberspace or the Internet.
    • 1998, Higher education in the Philippines
      In a cybercorporation, the workers must be knowledge workers, required to be constantly learning, to be familiar with information sources...
    • 1998, I T M Snellen, Wim B H J van de Donk, Public administration in an information age
      It is the world of the virtual communities, cybercorporations and electronic markets.
    • 2000, Andrew Herman, Thomas Swiss, The World Wide Web and contemporary cultural theory
      Tetzlaff makes the novel and compelling argument that the problem of software piracy for cybercorporations is primarily ideological rather than economic...
    • 2000, Joseph N Pelton, e-Sphere: the rise of the world-wide mind
      These prophets of the cybercorporation are promoting what they call "customer-centric" enterprises.
    • 2005, Tawny Roberts, Private Access
      Her pageboy wig and horn-rim glasses made her look like a hot, brainy girl working for some cybercorporation.