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cyber- +‎ freak


cyberfreak (plural cyberfreaks)

  1. (slang, often derogatory) An obsessive Internet user.
    • 1998, Matt Goldberg, Tripod's Tools for Life
      In truth, those who take chat seriously, as a means of meeting other like minds and sharing mutual interests, can suss out who's a cyberfreak and who isn't.
    • 2003, P. J. Tracy, Monkeewrench
      Probably some twisted little cyberfreak getting his anonymous fifteen minutes.
    • 2005, John le Carré, The Constant Gardener, page 335:
      She phoned a couple of friends only to establish that their machines were unaffected. “Wow, Ghita, maybe you've picked up one of these crazy viruses from the Philippines or wherever those cyberfreaks hang out!"
    • 2007, Henry Hart, Background Radiation, page 86:
      Her daughter threatened to publish our emails in a memoir. How she got them is a mystery. She's one of those cyberfreaks.