cyno- +‎ -morphic


cynomorphic (comparative more cynomorphic, superlative most cynomorphic)

  1. doglike
    • 1946, Blackwood's magazine
      The company of these excellent animals in my childhood gave a kind of cynomorphic twist to my philosophy and an enjoyment of animal society...
    • 1991, David Gordon White, Myths of the dog-man:
      It was especially the unburied dead whose souls were considered to be cynomorphic in the ancient world: Lilja, Dogs, p. 35.
    • 1993, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, The Hidden Life of Dogs p. 134 (First Mariner Books edition 2010)
      What do dogs want? They want each other. Human beings are merely a cynomorphic substitute, as we all know.
    • 2009?, Beatrice Chandler Gesell, The Normal Child and Primary Education
      A dog cannot help but be cynomorphic in his mentality and attitude.

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