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dismissive +‎ -ness


dismissiveness (uncountable)

  1. a form of denial, characterized by either passively showing indifference or disregard, or actively dismissing or rejecting ideas or evidence.


  • “Peacekeeper sex abuse 'too high'”, in BBC NEWS[1], 2006-02-24, retrieved 2007-08-05: “Mr Guehenno ... noted "how hard it is to change a culture of dismissiveness, long developed within ourselves, in our countries and in the mission areas."”
  • Gottlieb, Anthony (1991-06-02), “The Most Talked-About Philosopher (book review)”, in New York Times[2], retrieved 2007-08-05: “His general attitude is an instance of what might be called the higher dismissiveness. The trick is to lock up your opponents in some social, academic or historical context and then to dismiss their views as mere rattling against the bars.”