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distingué (comparative more distingué, superlative most distingué)

  1. Alternative spelling of distingue
    • 1873, Charles Reade, chapter IX, in A Simpleton: A Story of the Day [], volume I, London: Chapman and Hall, [], OCLC 4367948, page 57:
      By the time the blue dress was tried on, Madame Cie had, with the aid of a few pins, plaits, and a bow of blue ribbon, transformed the half-lace shawl into one of the smartest and distingué things imaginable; but when the bill came in at Christmas, for that five minutes' labor and distingué touch, she charged one pound eight.
    • 1892, Robert Louis Stevenson; Lloyd Osbourne, “In which Jim and I Take Different Ways”, in The Wrecker, London; Paris: Cassell & Company, [], OCLC 1085936561, page 179:
      And she likes you so much, and thinks you so accomplished and distingué-looking, and was just as set as I was to have you for best man.



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distingué m (feminine singular distinguée, masculine plural distingués, feminine plural distinguées)

  1. past participle of distinguer