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double uncle (plural double uncles)

  1. A man who is one's uncle in two different ways, e.g. a brother of one parent, and a brother-in-law of the other
    • 2008, Carl Djerassi, Sex in an Age of Technological Reproduction:
      You can be a father as well as a double-uncle.
    • 2011, Jeffrey Sachs, The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity:
      Sigmund Freud, was an uncle (actually a double uncle) of the founder of modern public relations, Edward Bernays.
    • 2012, Ina Linger, Three-Night-Stand: Love is Simple:
      Paul muttered, shaking his head in annoyance. “I don't approve of this!” Bonnie guiltily lowered her head and trotted out of the room, while Jack just grinned broadly at his stepfather. “But I had to tell him he's a double-uncle,” he defended his actions. “And I have a couuuuuuuuusin!”
    • 2013, Philippa Carr, Lament for a Lost Lover:
      Fenn announced that he reckoned he would be a double uncle if Harriet would let him.

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