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From Old Swedish dræpa, Old Norse drepa (to hit; to kill), from Proto-Germanic *drepaną, from Proto-Indo-European *dhrebh-. Doublet of drabba and träffa.


dräpa (present dräper, preterite dräpte, supine dräpt, imperative dräp)

  1. (poetic and regional) to kill, to commit manslaughter
    • 1890 P. P. Waldenström, Genom norra Amerikas förenta stater, page 360
      Cronin hade blifvit kallad till sjukbesök. Inkommen i huset befann han sig midt i hopen af mördare, som utan försköning dråpo honom, hvarefter de stoppade ned hans lik i en gatubrunn, der det sedan återfans vid rensning af kloakrören.
      Cronin had been called to a doctor's visit. In the house, he found himself in the midst of murderers, who without mercy killed him, after which they stuffed his corpse down a manhole, where it was later found when the sewage pipes were cleaned.


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