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draconology +‎ -ist


draconologist (plural draconologists)

  1. A person who studies dragons.
    • 1997, Dash, Mike, “Water Dragons: A Guide to Lake Serpent Legends Around the World (review)”, in Fortean Times[1], number 102-106, ISSN 0308-5899:
      As such, his pamphlet is unlikely to appeal either to serious draconologists and cryptozoologists, or to newcomers to the field, who would probably be better served by any of the many book-length cryptozoological tours available.
    • 2000, Blust, Robert, “The Origin of Dragons”, in Anthropos[2], volume 95, number 2, page 522:
      In the words of one prominent draconologist “No dragon exists — none ever did exist” (Ingersoll 1928: 13).
    • 2012 June 26, O'Connor, William, Dracopedia The Great Dragons: An Artist's Field Guide and Drawing Journal, Cincinnati: Impact, →ISBN, OL 25416962M, page 6:
      The expeditions and adventures described in this book have been performed under the guidance of trained observers, experts and draconologists.

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