See also: dumb-shit and dumb shit



dumbshit ‎(plural dumbshits)

  1. (vulgar, pejorative, colloquial) A stupid person or someone who makes or has just made a significant mistake.
    • 1968, Faith Sale, New writing: the Book-of-the-Month Club--College English Association award, volume 1-2, page 107:
      "You wanna be a dumbshit, I don't care."


dumbshit ‎(not comparable)

  1. (vulgar, pejorative, colloquial) (of a person) Stupid, or prone to making mistakes
    • 1962, Isaac Asimov (editor), The Hugo winners: volumes 1-2, page 626:
      "If you know me, perhaps you can tell me why I'm calling you?" "Would I be dumbshit enough to tell you? ...