dustie (plural dusties)

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    • 1917, The American Miller and Processor, page 394:
      We give this hint as an inducement to the wives and as a warning to the dusties. On Wednesday afternoon of this memorable week all the visitors will go on the excursion to Lake Minnetonka where they will have one of the great pleasure ...
    • 2006, Redmer Yska, Wellington: Biography of a City, Raupo
      By the 1960s , the 'dusties' had become a Wellington institution as they scaled flights of steps in search of backdoor rubbish bins, a canvas sack over their shoulder. The early start and finish made a job 'on the carts' popular with university ...
    • 2013, Homer Hickam, Crescent, Thomas Nelson (→ISBN)
      Crater unlatched the girdle and handed it to the dustie, who treated it like toxic waste, depositing it in a blue tub and sealing it. ... “It needs a shower,” the dustie said, after draping it with a blanket. [] call in some other dusties, female ones.
    • 2016, Ursula K. Le Guin, The Found and the Lost: The Collected Novellas of Ursula K. Le Guin, Simon and Schuster (→ISBN), page 260:
      [] said one of the young officers—many of them were Tualites, as well as businessmen—“the Aliens are going to admit the dusties before they admit us!” He was sputtering with indignant rage, like a red-faced old rega faced with an insolent  []