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From French éclatant (bright, brilliant, dazzling), present participle of éclater (to burst; to shine).


eclatant (comparative more eclatant, superlative most eclatant)

  1. (rare) Impressive, brilliant, striking, convincing.
    • 1895 May, “Missouri Institute of Homœopathy, Bureau of Gynecology: Address by Dr. T. Griswold Comstock, Chairman”, in St. Louis Journal of Homœopathy and Clinical Reporter, volume 1, number 6, St. Louis, MO, page 178:
      Some operators differ with Dr. Pratt as to the technique of the operation, but this is a minor matter, so long as their operations are successful, but one fact is patent, the operation when made from proper indications is followed by the most eclatant results.
    • 2014, Marina Gržinić, Šefik Tatlić, “The Unending Transition”, in Necropolitics, Racialization, and Global Capitalism: Historicization of Biopolitics and Forensics of Politics, Art, and Life, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, →ISBN, page 254:
      It is clear that what was once seen as an inconsistency, is actually an eclatant example of one of the most systemic characteristics of the system.




Borrowed from French éclatant.


eclatant m or n (feminine singular eclatantă, masculine plural eclatanți, feminine and neuter plural eclatante)

  1. dazzling