enemata pl

  1. plural of enema
    • 1767: David Macbride, Experimental Essays on Medical and Philosophical Subjects, page 206
      […John Woodall] was the firſt man who introduced the enemata fumoſa […]
    • 1785: Sir Henry Morris, Surgical Diseases of the Kidney, page 396
      The bowels should be kept well opened, and for this purpose warm abundant enemata are of great and special service.
    • 1859: James Copland, A Dictionary of Practical Medicine, page 101
      In some cases it may be advisable to render the enemata more irritating by the addition of compound extract of colocynth. Irritating injections are enjoined by Aretæus, Forestus, and many modern authors, particularly Thilenius. In cases following hæmorrhoids, they are more especially indicated, after leeches have been applied to the vicinity of the anus.
    • 1992, August 26th: the Crisco Kid, soc.bi (Google group): A de-muffinning, and a coming out, 12:26pm
      About the only thing M&C is any use for is champagne enemata; ever tried? All those bubbles…
    • 2010: Ian Peate, Nursing Care and the Activities of Living, page 148
      Some patients may need assistance with defaecation in the form of suppositories or enemata, whilst others may need a colostomy as a result of cancer of the colon.