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From enemy +‎ -hood.


enemyhood (usually uncountable, plural enemyhoods)

  1. The state, condition, or quality of being an enemy; enmity; enemyship.
    • 2003, Alex Argenti-Pillen, Masking Terror:
      In order to further reconstruct the local history of violence and enemyhood, I now turn to one of these other neighborhoods in the Udahenagama area.
    • 2005, Stefano Guzzini, Anna Leander, Constructivism and International Relations:
      So Wendt's contention can be restated as follows: no state identity of enemyhood without the Hobbesian international culture and no Hobbesian international culture without the state identity of enemyhood, logically.
    • 2006, M. A. Foster, The Book of The Ler:
      And there are many other things; we tell tales to one another, sing, dance. Cultivate friendships, and enemyhoods, too.

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