Alteration of entry.


ennog (plural ennogs)

  1. (Liverpudlian, dated) An alley between terraced houses.
    • 2007 May 2, "Alf Garnett!" (username), “Re: Best Scouse Abbreviations”, in Red and White Kop Liverpool FC Forum[1], retrieved 2017-11-02:
      If bored of the shootie's in the ennog, we'd go down the backie & have a shootie ther[sic] using garage doors which faced each other as the goals.
    • 2017 September 3, Hardy, Roy, Twitter[2], retrieved 2017-11-02:
      The ennog ! Played footy in ours many times and climbed over many walls to recover the ball to the annoyance of neighbours !
    • 2017 October 21, Bowker, Wendy, Twitter[3], retrieved 2017-11-02:
      I remember once my Nan legged it through the ennog to have words with my uncle Cyril