See also: erba, Erba, and èrba

Maltese edit

Maltese numbers (edit)
[a], [b] ←  3 4 5  → [a], [b]
    Cardinal: erbgħa
    Attributive cardinal: (short form) erba’, (long form) erbat
    Ordinal: raba’
    Adverbial: erba’ darbiet
    Fractional: kwart, (obsolete) robbu

Pronunciation edit

Numeral edit

erba’ m or f

  1. short attributive form of erbgħa (four)
    Coordinate term: (long attributive form) erbat

Usage notes edit

  • The attributive forms are used before counted nouns. The short form is used before all words that start with a vowel or single consonant (except jiem). For the use before consonant clusters see the notes at erbat.