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fagdom (uncountable)

  1. (vulgar, slang) Homosexuality.
    • 1994, The Advocate, Jan 25, 1994, page 10
      FU always be an advocate for fagdom.
    • 2003, The Advocate, link
      But Matthew educated me in fagdom. He really laid the groundwork for me in terms of getting comfortable with my sexuality, lie introduced me to gayness, even though he never identified as homosexual
  2. The state of being a fag (in the page or subordinate sense); servanthood.
    • 1872, Transatlantic Magazine, page 41
      ...and one may rise from that humble functionary, step by step, and trace fagdom in every real way
    • 1895, Edward Parry Eardley-Wilmot, E. C. Streatfield, Charterhouse, page 64
      Each Upper had his private Fag; but general fagdom consisted of obedience to the demand of every Upper, no matter in whose House he happened to be.
    • John Buchan
      From the anomalous insignificance of fagdom Colin climbed up the School, leaving everywhere a record of honest good-nature.

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