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Alternative formsEdit


femicentric (comparative more femicentric, superlative most femicentric)

  1. woman-centric; focusing on women or pertaining to a focus on women (sometimes used pejoratively to imply such focus is misandric)
    • 1986, International Sociological Association. Biography and Society Research Committee, Oral History Society (Great Britain), Life Stores, Issue 2
      It is an order which is ‘femi-centric’ — which reflects the distinctiveness of female roles and responsibilities.
    • 1997, Thomas Robbins, Millennium, messiahs, and mayhem: contemporary apocalyptic movements, page 66
      REVELATIONS The Linguistic Turn With the repetition of situated, equally parochial identities — Afrocentric, homocentric, Islamic, femicentric, and so on
    • 2008 Jannie Hugo, Lucie Allan, Doctors for tomorrow: family medicine in South Africa, page 4
      The femicentric nature of the family in South Africa, hinging as it does on women, reflects both the strength and weakness of the institution.

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