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finnochia (plural not attested)

  1. Obsolete spelling of finocchio
    • 1737, The Complete Family-Piece (2nd ed.), part II, chapter iii, page 381
      Sow Finnochia to ſucceed that which was ſown in the former Month.
    • ante 1763, Philip Miller, The Gardeners Kalendar (unknown ed.), excerpted in the Univerſal Muſeum⁽¹⁺³⁾ and the Univerſal Magazine,⁽²⁾ selected in The Beauties of all the Magazines ſelected for the Year 1763 (T. Waller), ed. George Alexander Stevens, volume 2, pages 126,⁽¹⁾ 221,⁽²⁾ and 266⁽³⁾
      ⁽¹⁾ Sow the ſeeds of finnochia in drills made about a foot aſunder, thinly ſcattered over about half an inch thick.
      ⁽²⁾ Sow finnochia in drills about eighteen inches or two feet aſunder, to ſucceed that ſown laſt month; draw the earth up to the plants almoſt full grown, to blanch them.
      ⁽³⁾ Thin the finnochia plants, ſown the former month, allowing them room enough to grow: the plants which are taken out ſhould not be tranſplanted, for they rarely are good for any thing.
    • 1763, A New and Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences (2nd ed.), volume 2, page 1,240, “Finnochia
      FINNOCHIA, sweet-fennel, in botany, a ſpecies of fennel, cultivated in gardens as a ſallad-herb, and as ſuch much liked by ſome.
    • 1771, Thomas Hitt [aut.] and James Meader [contrib., ed.], The Modern Gardener; or, Univerſal Kalendar, page 209
      Sow finnochia in drills about twenty inches aſunder. A light rich and moiſt ſpot is neceſſary at this ſeaſon, otherwiſe the plants will run to ſeed.
    • 1780, Samuel Cooke, The Complete Engliſh Gardener (J. Cooke), page 24
      In ſome warm place ſow young ſallads, likewiſe rape, ſorrel, finnochia and ſpinach.
    • 1847, John Craig, A New Universal Etymological and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language, Embracing All the Terms Used in Art, Science and Literature, “Finnochia”
      Finnochia, a variety of fennel.
    • 1913, John Weathers, Commercial Gardening (Gresham publishing company), volume 4, page 193
      The Florence or Finnochia Fennel (F. dulce) is an Italian annual of dwarf compact growth, not exceeding 2½ ft. high.