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From Old Galician *feollo, from Latin fēnuculum (fennel), a diminutive of Latin fēnum (hay). Cognate of Portuguese funcho, which together with Galician fiúncho stem from an unattested Vulgar Latin form *fenunclu.



fiollo m (plural fiollos)

  1. fennel (Foeniculum vulgare, a plant)
  2. fennel (bulb, leaves, or stalks eaten as a vegetable)
  3. fennel (spice used in cooking)
    • 1861, Antonio Fernández Morales, Ensaios poéticos en dialecto berciano, page 211:
      aquelas a estes dan neste día muitas castañas, mamucas ricas, con fiollo, nébeda e sal cocidas
      they give to them, in this day, a lot of chestnuts, tasty chestnuts, boiled with fennel, catnip and salt

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