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first order of the day



first order of the day (plural first orders of the day)

  1. (politics) An item of business that will be discussed before any other item on a particular day when a legislature is sitting.
    • 1699, Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords, The Manuscripts of the House of Lords: Volume 4[1], page ix:
      ...from the Commons should be the first Order of the day.
  2. A goal or task that is of primary importance and will or should be pursued before any other goal.
    • 1921, Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers International Union of America, editor, The Bricklayer, mason and plasterer: Volumes 24-25[2], page 26:
      There are two things every union member should make the first order of the day the pay envelope comes around — supply his family and pay his union dues.