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fluff girl (plural fluff girls)

  1. (pornography) A woman who arouses male pornographic actors before filming.
    • 2000, Peter Scott Harmyk, Say Good-Bye to Johnnie Blue, Ivy House Publishing Group (→ISBN)
      John walked over to the women on the couch with a pandering smile. "I really hate to break this up, but we're ready to roll tape." Rod switched position with Karen's fluff girl, waited for his cue, then it was back to the races.
    • 2003, Lynn Isenberg, My Life Uncovered, Don Mills, Ont. : Red Dress Ink (→ISBN)
      Buck looks down at his crotch then back up again, "There's nothing to pick up anymore." Cliff peers around. "Who's the fluff girl today?" The young woman on the sideline steps forward, "I am." "Okay, Annie, please take care of Buck," says Cliff.