From fore- +‎ room.


foreroom (plural forerooms)

  1. A room near the entrance of a building; a front room
    • 1978, arctic anthrology volume xv, number 1, 1978:
      Further up there are two summer rooms, a foreroom, and a kitchen.
    • 2006, Jack Coggins, Soldiers and Warriors: An Illustrated History - Page 101:
      Hard and bloody was the defense of the foreroom men (the foreroom was the space just aft of the foredeck) and the stem-defenders, for in both those places the gunwale was the highest and the men picked.
    • 2009, Ottilie A. Liljencrantz, Leif the Lucky: A Story of the Vikings - Page 160:
      It is my belief that he would like it better to die than to venture into the dark of the foreroom.
    • 2014, L. S. King, Sword's Edge:
      She did not want to join the Rangers in the foreroom. She wanted to be alone.