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form factor (plural form factors)

  1. (physics) The ratio of the RMS value to the absolute mean of a sinusoidal wave (especially to that of an alternating current)
  2. (physics) Any of several functions that describe the unknown internal state of a particle
  3. (physics) The emissivity of a material
  4. (crystallography) A function that describes the scattering power of an atom as function of the scattering angle
  5. (mechanics) A factor describing the stress distribution of a body
  6. The geometry of an object, especially in engineering design; configuration.
    • 2004, Scott Mueller, Upgrading and Repairing Laptops, page 311:
      Shugart Associates first introduced the 5.25-inch form factor along with the first 5.25-inch floppy drive back in 1976.
    • 2007, March, Erin McKean, “Redefining the dictionary”, Technology Entertainment Design
      I want him to barely remember that this is the form factor that dictionaries used to come in.


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