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BNSF freight train between Kennewick and Wishram, Washington State, USA.


freight train (plural freight trains)

  1. A train used for the transportation of freight.
  2. (by extension) A large, unstoppable force; a juggernaut.
    • 2010, Richard D. Jensen, The Nicest Fella: The Life of Ben Johnson. the World Champion Rodeo Cowboy Who Became an Oscar-winning Movie Star, iUniverse ISBN 9781440196782
      Williams was known as an unstoppable freight train of a guy, a man who was unfazed by pain and unafraid of getting hurt.
    • 2010, Carolanne Allen, Living in the Light ... A Message of Love and Healing, ISBN 9781445298320, page 367
      My estimable love and gratitude go out to my family for their continued support and patience in standing by me over the past months while I literally withdrew from life to 'grab a tail feather' and fly with this runaway freight-train of a project.
    • 2012, Robert Graves, Seven Days in New Crete, Penguin UK ISBN 9780141970929
      BenYeshu's theory was that 'these experiments will supply the necessary data as to when and why the freight train of civilization leapt the rails'.


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