1. present participle of fruit


fruiting (plural fruitings)

  1. fruiting body
    • 2009, Wilhelm Foissner, ‎D. L. Hawksworth, Protist Diversity and Geographical Distribution (page 60)
      Fruitings can consist of several thousand individual sporocarps.
  2. The act of producing fruit, seeds, or spores; fructification.
    • 1940, Homer Charles McNamara, ‎Dalton Ray Hooton, ‎& Dow Dewey Porter, Differential growth rates in cotton varieties and their Response to Seasonal Conditions at Greenville, Texas, page 25:
      From these figures it will be seen that the fruiting period of cotton in the blacklands of Texas is relatively short, and a majority of the bolls are set early in the season.
    • 2005, Bram van Nieuwenhuijzen, Small-scale mushroom cultivation, →ISBN, page 12:
      These factors differ from mushroom to mushroom. Most of the changes that stimulate fruiting have a negative effect on the vegetative growth of the mycelium.