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From gain- +‎ coming. Compare gaincome.


gaincoming (uncountable)

  1. (obsolete) Return; a coming again; second coming or advent.
    • 1864, James Paterson, History of the counties of Ayr and Wigton: Volume 2:
      The mass he meant to impugn was "not the blissed institution of the Lord Jesus, which he hath commanded to be used in his kirk, to his gaincoming, but that which is cropen in into the kirk visible, without all approbation of ye word of God."
    • 1867, Alexander Taylor Innes, The law of creeds in Scotland::
      [...] has in the last days revealed from the bosom of His Father, whereof He made His apostles messengers, and which they preached and established among His faithful till the 'gaincoming of our Lord Jesus Christ; [...]

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