gay +‎ -dom


gaydom (uncountable)

  1. The collective gay experience, community, and culture.
    • 1996, Brett Beemyn, Mickey Elianon, Queer studies: a lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender anthology, page 56
      Elsewhere, "gaydom" was rapidly becoming "lesbian and gaydom.
    • 2000, Larry Kramer, Reynolds Price, Faggots
      Tonight was an opening that would be covered by Women's Wear and filled with slummers and celebrities and socialites, now that gaydom in this city is so chic.
    • 2006, The advocate: Issues 970-977
      I was supposed to come out on a white horse in the name of gaydom.
    • 2007, Cecily von Ziegesar, Don't You Forget About Me[1]:
      “I thought I'd video your journey into gaydom,” Vanessa told him with a smirk. “