See also: gemütlich



gemutlich (comparative more gemutlich, superlative most gemutlich)

  1. Alternative spelling of gemütlich
    • 1964, Nation, Issues 135-159[1], Digitized edition, Nation Review, published 2011, page 98:
      However, to any Nation readers who think that gemutlich is not “a living word" I am glad to be able to inform them that Harold Nicolson in his volume Good Behaviour has a whole chapter on Gemutlichkeit, ...
    • 1973, Edward G. Robinson, Leonard Spigelgass, All My Yesterdays (Autobiography), Digitized edition, Hawthorn Books, published 2008, page 80:
      …and there's always a buzz of conversation and somebody's playing the piano, and it's gemutlich. / To one of those particularly gemutlich evenings I invited a stockbroker who lived in Guilford, and he arrived with a lady named Gladys Lloyd.