geo- +‎ -gony


geogony (countable and uncountable, plural geogonies)

  1. (obsolete, uncountable) The branch of science dealing with the formation of the Earth.
    • 1847, Edward Hitchcock, Elementary Geology:
      Some writers divide Geology into two branches; 1. Geognosy, or Positive Geology, which embraces only the known facts of the science. 2. Geogony, or Speculative Geology, which attempts to point out the causes of those facts, and the inferences that result from them.
  2. (obsolete, countable) A particular account of the formation of the Earth.
    • 1875, John Muehleisen Arnold, Genesis and Science; Or The First Leaves of the Bible:
      The whole system of modern geology is a reproduction of Brahminical geogonies and Maha Pralayas, or great floods.