1. (Internet, slang, derogatory) deliberate misspelling of gay (homosexual).
    • 2002, Alan Kennedy, in fur.artwork.erotica [1]
      Like the subject says, I'm tired of rampant ghey furry porn, sorry guys, too many dicks and not enough nips and twat..
    • 2003, Mad Hatter©, in alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk [2]
      Sometimes ghey celebs who don't wanna look so ghey will "get married" to kinda cover it up.
    • 2005, daesfunka, in ardkor.com[3]
      Breakcore is about licking big guns, I mean about gheyness.
  2. (Internet, slang, derogatory) deliberate misspelling of gay (lame).
    • 1998, Herb Wilson, in alt.games.mk [4]
      Just looking for a good site to give me info about all the moves, fatality's, nudatlities (if they exist=P) so I dont have to wade through the ghey posts to find the worthwhile ones
    • 1999, Brennan Murray, in alt.games.moo2 [5]
      Don't be ghey. Go BUY it for like $15 US dollars. Order it from chips and bits, I'm sure it's cheap.
    • 2000, Frank Rizzo, in alt.games.quake3 [6]
      I said at the end of the match "See, I don't need no ghey crutch to whoop yas."
    • 2001, Daniel Gordon, in aus.cars [7]
      That is pretty ghey considering street commodores did the 160hp → 240hp EFI V8 for around $5000
    • 2006, Tom Dean (TomTom), in rock-forums.com[8]
      How many posts left..? 998,797.. that's seriously ghey.