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From glue +‎ pot.


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gluepot (plural gluepots)

  1. A pot for holding glue.
  2. (Australia, sports, informal) A muddy playing field.
    • 1996, The Bulletin,
      Frequent showers from the dark clouds that swept in and out over the Sydney Football Stadium turned the surface into something of a gluepot.
    • 2005 June 25, Cameron Noakes, The Age, New PM Julia 'Bulldog' Gillard vows to bring back the glue-pot,
      "We want to bring back the glue-pot. We're going to bog up the wings, bog up the goal squares, have big pools of water on the 50-metre arcs, and the centre square is going to be one of those really squeaky, sticky glue-pots that is a little bit on the nose.
    • 2010, Bill Frindall, Australia v England 1936-37 (3rd Test), The Wisden Book of Test Cricket, 1877-1977, page 259,
      Bradman countered a ‘gluepot’ pitch by opening with his tailenders and went to the wicket at 2.50pm the following day when Australia were 97 for 5.