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goddess +‎ -ship


goddessship (plural goddessships)

  1. Rare spelling of goddess-ship or goddesship.
    • 1883, Reginald Smith, Life of Lord Lawrence (India), page 106:
      ... the disease altogether, here was an incontestable proof of her goddessship : she had heard their prayer and had saved them from their distress. ...
    • 2000, Elizabeth Hamilton, Memoirs of Modern Philosophers, page 48:
      ... caressing that favourite monkey who acted such a conspicuous part at the Apotheosis of her goddessship at Paris, as hath been already related in the ...
    • 1914, Sinclair Lewis, Our Mr. Wrenn: The Romantic Adventures of a Gentle Man, page 102:
      "Ph," don't tell me that my presiding goddessship is already."
      "Uh — sure! Now I'm going to be a cruel boss." "Dee-lighted!"

Usage notesEdit

Ordinarily, English does not allow the same letter to occur three times in a row.[1] Accordingly, this term is usually written with a hyphen, as goddess-ship; at other times, one 's' is dropped (resulting in goddesship). As may be seen in the above quotations, however, some authors do write the term with the sss intact. Compare skulllike.


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