gun line



gun line ‎(plural gun lines)

  1. (military) the tactical firing position of artillery or naval guns
    • 1998, Curt Johnson, Richard Claire Anderson, chapter 1, Artillery Hell: The Employment of Artillery at Antietam[1], ISBN 0890966230, page 28:
      The guidon-bearer was placed by the battery commander to mark the right of the gun line, with the gun platoon aligned to his left.
    • 2013 03, “The Firepower Behind the Army”, Army Life: Your guide to the Royal Artillery, UK MoD, page 9: 
      As soon as Lee reaches the Command Post, Matthew directs him forward to the gun line where the crews are preparing the Light Guns.
    • 1917 July 1, “Third British Army, Artillery Instructions, No. 3 Notes on the Organization of a Battery for Active Operations”, Field Artillery Notes, number 4, page 53: 
      The executive at the gun line is responsible for the drill and fire discipline of the battery.
    • 1916 June 10, “The Mountain Gun and Mule Team”, Scientific American: Supplement, volume 81, number 2110, page 372: 
      A mountain battery is divided into a "Gun Line" and an "Ammunition Line." Six guns and twelve ammunition-mules form the "Gun Line."


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