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hair +‎ don't, modelled after hairdo


hairdon't (plural hairdon'ts)

  1. (informal) A bad hairdo.
    • 1984, Charlotte White, A Hard Act to Follow, Ace Books (→ISBN)
      "You're gonna mess up my hairdo." "That's a hairdo? Looks more like a hairdon't to me." "Yeah? And what do you think yours looks like?" "Great, as always."
    • 1990, Julius Nicholas Hook, The Appropriate Word: Finding the Best Way to Say what You Mean, Addison-Wesley
      "Maybe that's a new hairdo," he gibed, "but I think it's a hairdon't - your hair don't look good."
    • 2013, Sarah Burton, The Complete and Utter History of the World According to Samuel Stewart Aged 9, Short Books (→ISBN)
      He had a funny moustache and an entertaining combover ('Less a hairdo and more a hairdon't,' according to Dad, who should know) and many soldiers imitated his hilarious walk.
    • 2013, Bill Konigsberg, Openly Straight, Scholastic Inc. (→ISBN)
      “Looks really sketchy,” Claire Olivia said, looking in the rearview mirror to fix her beehive hairdo. Or hairdon't, depending on how you looked at it.
    • 2014, Brad Ashton, Stand Up and Be Laughed At, Lulu Press, Inc (→ISBN)
      She has a hairdo that should have been a hairdon't.
    • 2014, Chris Jericho, The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea, Penguin (→ISBN)
      I'd sported a few awkward hairstyles before I left the WWE in 2005 (Why didn't anybody tell me the “too long to be short, too short to be long” hairdo was a hairdon't?), but my weeds were still at least longish back then.
    • 2016, R.L. Stine, Monsterville 1: Cabinet of Souls, Scholastic UK (→ISBN)
      “That hairdo is a hairdon't,” Luke said, loud enough for all the boys gathered around him to hear.