From heteroromantic +‎ -ism.


heteroromanticism (uncountable)

  1. The state of being heteroromantic, i.e. romantically attracted to the opposite gender.
    • 2015 October, Nathan Chan, Coming out at University, in Salterrae, page 4:
      Heteronormativity describes the tendencies to assume a gender binary, the alignment of gender with sex, and the expectation of heterosexuality and heteroromanticism.
    • 2017, Carrie Jenkins, What Love Is: And What It Could Be:
      Could we gradually replace all of love's traditional characterizing features—monogamy, permanence, heteroromanticism, romantic gender roles, and so on—over time? Would there still be romantic love at the end of that process?
    • 2017 May, Christiana Lilly, A Rainbow of Sexuality: Beyond the LGBT, in The Mirror, page 24:
      Heteroromantics feel this way [attracted] to someone of the opposite [gender]. [...] Eve Peyser, who identifies as a heteroromantic bisexual woman — she dates only men but is sexually attracted to men and women — wrote a piece on heteroromanticism for Mic in 2015.

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