horned frog


A horned frog (1)
A horned frog (2)
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horned frog (plural horned frogs)

  1. Any of several large carnivorous frogs, of the genus Megophrys, that have elongated "eyebrows"
  2. Any of the genus Phrynosoma of horned lizards, especially the Texas horned lizard.
    • 1855, John Wright, William Wright, Recollections of Western Texas[1], published 1995, page 41:
      But among all the harmless reptiles of Texas, decidedly the most singular is the horned frog; it resembles the common frog []
    • 1912, J. W. Reading, “Locomotive Engineers Journal”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), volume 47:
      The horned frog is a native of Texas and Lower California, where he is found inhabiting the sandy soil of the prairies and the pockets of the small boy. / The horned frog is really no frog at all, but a lizard traveling incognito.
    • 2012, Lonn Taylor, Texas, My Texas: Musings of the Rambling Boy[2]:
      I have always had aspecial affinity for horned toads, probably because I went to Texas Christian University, whose mascot is the horned frog