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Alternative formsEdit


hotheaded +‎ -ness


hotheadedness (uncountable)

  1. The state or characteristic of being hotheaded; the tendency to be easily infuriated or provoked.
    • 1889, "Editorial (Article 5)," New York Times, 4 Dec., p. 4:
      In place of hot-headedness and rashness on the part of those whose views did not agree with the sentiment that prompted the movement, which might be expected from their southern blood, we find cool counsels and a determination to make the best of what was accepted from the first as an accomplished fact.
    • 1971, "Crossed Wires," Time, 20 Sep.:
      But despite his reputation for hotheadedness, the gruff general, 48, had managed to become Premier of the primitive Arab nation no fewer than seven times since 1962.
    • 2005, Jeff Pappone, "A touch of class . . . and then there's Stewart," Globe and Mail (Canada), 24 Feb. (retrieved 12 Jan. 2009):
      As the cars headed to Turn 1 on the cool-down lap, Stewart's hotheadedness saw him pull up beside Johnson and try to push him up the banking into the wall.