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Theories that the phrase derived from a tailor called Pink appear to be folk-etymology. For further discussion see here (archived from the original).


hunting pink (countable and uncountable, plural hunting pinks)

  1. scarlet, as worn by fox-hunters
    • 2005, Don't imagine elegant British foxhounds and mounted hunters dressed in their “hunting pink”. South Georgia foxhunts were just a bit different, Paul says. — Paul B Dunn, A Stroll Through Fitzgerald (ThomasMax 2005, p. 42)
  2. (in the plural) The traditional scarlet jacket and related attire worn by fox-hunters.
    • 1965, the open-fronted and unbuttonable surplices worn by Christ Church men in chapel were designed, tradition says, so that hunting pinks could not be concealed beneath them. — Jan Morris, Oxford (OUP 2001, p. 109)