From Latin inexuperabilis, inexsuperabilis. See exuperate.


inexuperable (comparative more inexuperable, superlative most inexuperable)

  1. (rare, poetic) insurmountable, unbeatable.
    • 1659, Henry More, The Immortality of the Soul, volume 1, →ISBN, page 50:
      [...] then our Countreyman Mr. Hobbs, whose inexuperable confidence of the truth of the Conclusion may well assure any man that duely considers the excellency of his natural Wit and Parts, that he has made choice of the most Demonstrative Arguments that humane Invention can search out for the eviction thereof.
    • 1823 March, “The Omniscient Son, the Revealer of the Almighty Father”, in The Gospel Magazine, volume 8, number 3, page 93:
      That is, God, in all his essential perfections, burning in an inextinguishable flame of love; and sending forth one uninterrupted stream of life, to the one object of his inexuperable delight – Immanuel, and his select body.
    • 1902 November 16, Poet of The Galveston News, “Trend of Thought in Dixie Land”, in The Richmond Times, page 4:
      [...] whether she's gowned in the blossoms of the spring or the sheen of the summer's glow, in the purple and gold of autumn days or the white of the winter's snow, she is the same inexuperable, unapproachable, unmatchable, untouchable and incomparable grand old Texas.