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infinity +‎ -eth


infinitieth (not comparable)

  1. At position infinity in a sequence.
    • Charles Sanders Peirce
      Every number whose expression in decimals requires but a finite number of places of decimals is commensurable. Therefore, incommensurable numbers suppose an infinitieth place of decimals.
    • 1979, William Lane Craig, The Kalām Cosmological Argument (page 183)
      Watling's suggestion is of no help at all in explaining how to form an actual infinite by successive addition. To do so would necessitate adding an 'infinitieth' element, which is absurd.
    • 2014, The Lego Movie
      I arrived at the foot of the tower with me hearty Master Builder crew, only to find the Kragle was all the way up on the infinitieth floor, guarded by a robot army.