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inyoka class 9/10 ‎(plural izinyoka)

  1. snake


Class 9/10
Singular Plural
Full form inyoka izinyoka
Simple form nyoka zinyoka
Locative enyokeni ezinyokeni
Copulative yinyoka yizinyoka
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Class 1 wenyoka wezinyoka
Class 2 benyoka bezinyoka
Class 3 wenyoka wezinyoka
Class 4 yenyoka yezinyoka
Class 5 lenyoka lezinyoka
Class 6 enyoka ezinyoka
Class 7 senyoka sezinyoka
Class 8 zenyoka zezinyoka
Class 9 yenyoka yezinyoka
Class 10 zenyoka zezinyoka
Class 11 lwenyoka lwezinyoka
Class 14 benyoka bezinyoka
Class 15 kwenyoka kwezinyoka
Class 17 kwenyoka kwezinyoka