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Macanese edit

Etymology edit

From Portuguese jovem or a de-nasalized variant. For loss of final nasal consonant, compare Galician xove.

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit


  1. young
    Antonym: vêlo
    Tio Cha-Chai quelora jóvi, nho-nhónha andá à-nóvi!
    Uncle Cha-Chai when young would be on the go all day!

Noun edit

jóvi (plural jovi-jóvi)

  1. youngster
    Antonyms: vêlo, véla
    Nôs nunca-sâm como acunga jovi-jóvi; nôs sâm chacha vêla-ia, sâm nunca?
    We are not like those youngsters; we are old ladies already, aren't we?

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