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  1. (rare) plural of kanji
    • 1959, Kōshō Yamamoto, The Udumbara: Tales from Buddhist Japan, page 6:
      All is written in shaky kana letters, only with one or two kanjis, i.e. the Chinese letters.
    • 2003, Sergei Nirenburg, ‎H. L. Somers, ‎Yorick Wilks, Readings in Machine Translation, page 99:
      Because the standard vernacular writing system of Japanese makes no use of spaces between words and because kanas (syllabic Japanese characters) and kanjis (ideographic Chinese characters) are used instead of Roman letters, it is necessary to devise a method of automatically cutting into its components the unsegmented sentences, written in kanas and kanjis.
    • 2006, Yuji Matsumoto, ‎Richard Sproat, ‎Kam-Fai Wong, Computer Processing of Oriental Languages:
      As seen from these two examples of relatively simple kanjis, the stroke order and stroke count are arbitrary.



kanjis m pl

  1. plural of kanji