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From kidult +‎ -hood.


kidulthood (uncountable)

  1. (rare) The state or condition of being a kidult.
    • 2006, Ian Herbert (editor), Theatre Record, Volume 26, Issues 14-26, page 884,
      And if there's any doubt what that might entail, an unmissable mascot for kidulthood was on hand at the Newbury Comedy Festival last week to show us.
    • 2007, Ian McDonald, Brasyl, page 16,
      In keeping with the station's policy of freshness and kidulthood, the boardroom's walls were giant photomurals of Star Wars collectibles.
    • 2008, Carrie Adams. The Godmother, page 171,
      Looking after babies was tough, no doubt, but kidulthood, now there was a challenge.