Borrowed from German Klippdachs, from Dutch klipdas.


klipdachs (plural klipdachses)

  1. Alternative form of klipdas
    • 1863, Georg Hartwig, The Tropical World: a Popular Scientific Account of the Natural History of the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms in the Equatorial Regions, page 395:
      But if he succeeds in seizing the klipdachs before it has time to leap away, he carries it to a rocky ledge, and slowly tears it to pieces.
    • 1881, William Henry Giles Kingston, In the Wilds of Africa: A Tale for Boys, page 306:
      He knew that in time the poor silly little klipdachs would grow careless, and, anxious for a game at play, would get too far from their homes to skip back before he could be down upon them.
    • 1971, Karl Mauch & ‎F. O. Bernhard, Karl Mauch: African Explorer, page 153:
      The klipdachs (hierax) and the klipspringer (Oreotragus saltatrix) are the prevalent population, now however threatened with extinction.